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Shady neighbor records currently tracks all recordings out of two rooms.  Studio “B” and Studio “#5”.

Studio #5 is a 220 square foot room used for live multi track recording, single instrument recording, isolated vocals, and is our drum room. Multiple grammy nominated songs have had drums tracked in this room. This room has a 24 channel desk for both analog and digital recording.

Shady Neighbor Studio-50_edited.jpg




Songwriter, recording artist, husband, father, type 1, 8 with a 7 wing, professional rookie. 

Justin has been recording music for almost two decades now; and over that time has been able to acquire the gear, instruments, and experience to have everything finally in one place for a true studio environment and experience. Imagination, production, and a bevy of experts at your disposal in addition to gear and space is what you can expect. 

“I'd love nothing more than to leverage these gifts for your original project. “ Justin 

Justin has been an executive in a large national software company (a la mode, inc.) and started and ran a nonprofit for the marginalized n my hometown (405 Center). The assets he has gained through those experiences will be leveraged as well: through production and eventually, in the marketing of the art we create together. 

“I care deeply about music and it matters greatly to me in every aspect of life. If you want to start a project I’d love to hear from you. Creative energy, vibe, and intensity all matter; We’ve made sure shady neighbor has all the above. One love.” Justin 

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